Here are some exciting new developments in our in-office services

Painless Allergy Testing:

Dr. Druce is using the latest technology for skin testing. He recently transitioned to a new gentle applicator device which has been proven more sensitive and specific than devices available to date. Most patients can be tested with minimal discomfort at one session. Allergy testing provides a comprehensive approach to chronic nasal and sinus conditions.

Dr. Druce was interviewed about Painless Allergy Testing and other testing options on Mother Nature Network.

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Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) Tablet Therapy for Grass and Ragweed

You have probably heard about new immunotherapy tablets which have recent been approved by FDA for patients with grass and ragweed immunotherapy. These tablets are being promoted as an alternative to conventional (subcutaneous) immunotherapy. The first dose is given in the doctor’s office 12 weeks before the season and subsequent doses are taken at home. Dr. Druce has been actively involved with issues relating to approval of this novel therapy as a member and former chair of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and immunology (AAAAI) Committee on Rhinitis, Rhino-sinusitis and Ocular Diseases for several years.

 Audiology and Balance Testing:

Our audiologists have doctorate degrees and have been selected to train graduate audiology students. Here in our office we provide adult and pediatric hearing tests, ABR, ENG and hearing aid fittings. We customize and dispense the latest digital hearing aids, FM systems and Bluetooth solutions based on each individual’s needs.

Vivaer- a quick, in-office procedure for nasal obstruction

Clarifix- a quick, in-office procedure for chronic rhinitis and post-nasal drip

Coblator- less painful outpatient tonsillectomies