If your child has frequent ear infections, sore throats, or breathing difficulties, it’s time to see a pediatric otolaryngologist. The physicians at Ear, Nose & Throat Care, PC, in Somerville and Warren, New Jersey, provide expert pediatric ENT services to diagnose and treat issues that interfere with your child’s health, wellness, and development. Call the practice to schedule a consultation today for compassionate and specialized ENT services for children.

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What are some common pediatric ENT issues?

Illnesses and allergies are some of the most common ENT issues for children. They’re exposed to various viruses, bacteria, and other germs at daycare, school, and recreational activities. Some of the most prevalent pediatric ENT issues include:

Ear infections

Ear infections typically develop when a virus or bacteria infects your child’s middle ear. Children are more prone to ear infections than adults because their ears are still forming and fluid might not drain as efficiently.

As a result, viruses and bacteria find a warm, moist environment that allows them to thrive in your child’s ear.

Sore throats

Sore throats are common childhood illnesses. Your little one might pick up a bacterial infection like strep throat or have oversized tonsils that become infected with every illness that passes through the classroom.

Your child might also have a sore throat as a symptom of another upper respiratory infection like a cold or sinusitis. Allergies can also sometimes cause a sore throat.


Sinusitis is an infection of the sinus cavities behind your child’s face. Viruses and bacteria can infect this warm, moist environment, causing inflammation, excess mucus production, headaches, sore throats, and fatigue.


Around 6.1 million American children have allergic rhinitis, also called hayfever. Allergies develop when the immune system perceives a benign substance as a threat and releases antibodies to attack it.

Children can develop other allergies that trigger rashes, hives, swelling, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

The pediatric ENTs at Ear, Nose & Throat Care, PC, also diagnose issues like pediatric hearing loss, nasal obstructions, sleep apnea, and vocal cord dysfunction.

What are the signs my child needs to see a pediatric ENT?

You should make an appointment at Ear, Nose & Throat Care, PC if your child has persistent symptoms of any of these conditions. While children often pick up minor illnesses, they typically recover quickly. Persistent or recurring symptoms are a sign of a more serious issue.

How can pediatric ENTs help my child?

The pediatric ENT specialists at Ear, Nose & Throat Care, PC, offer compassionate, gentle, and customized care for children. They provide exams and testing geared to the needs of children to diagnose ENT health issues, helping children stay comfortable and confident.

The doctors also provide customized treatment plans to address your child’s needs. They often begin with conservative treatments such as medication or hearing aids.

When noninvasive treatments don’t relieve your child’s symptoms, they offer state-of-the-art surgical procedures ranging from ear tubes to tonsillectomy and nasal obstruction correction. Tonsillectomies can be performed with less pain and quicker recovery using COBLATION® Plasma Technology (ClariFix®).

If your little one needs pediatric ENT care, call Ear, Nose & Throat Care, PC, or make an appointment online today.