Chronic Cough

I have had an issue with my throat for years. The reason for a constant cough to the point of hacking was missed by several specialists. Swallow experts , x rays and endoscope examinations failed to provide an answer.

Dr. Bortniker, looked , diagnosed, and prescribed after a quick but thorough exam. With in a week the problem lessened and became not just tolerable but for the most part absent. So far a month latter the throat is still quiet and the hacking has given way to an occasional slight cough.

I can not speak for others but for me, he did a great job after other very qualified professionals tried and failed.

– Bradley Ferencz

Dr Bortniker diagnosed me with a condition that was causing asthmatic feelings, but is “pseudo-asthma”. Strange condition i never heard of (laryngeal dyskinesia) and after struggling with it for 8 months, of at least 2-3 days a week of symptoms (scary during Covid!), i was referred to him by my GP, He diagnosed it almost immediately, and within 1 week of being prescribed nortriptyline, such improvement! within a month – total improvement! i could have searched or struggled or “accepted” feeling not right for many more months – so glad i saw him!! Explains everything very well and truly cares!

– Donna Faletto

After my chronic cough lasted almost a year, and after my GP and pulmonary doctors could find no cause, I went to Dr. Bortniker for help. After I covered my symptoms, he took a look at my vocal cords and diagnosed what my other doctors could not – one of my vocal cords was paralyzed. He prescribed a low dose drug that I took for about 6 weeks, “awakening” my dormant vocal cord. Before taking the drug, I did what I had done for 33 years in research – I searched for my condition as well as the use of the prescribed drug for “frozen” vocal cords. I found a study that used the same drug as prescribed, showing over a 90% cure rate. I am 72, and this is the first time a cue came that fast. Good work, Dr. Bortnicker!
– Ralph Trksak

I had a cough for 14 months. After seeing numerous doctors, I was fortunate to get an appointment with Dr. David Bortniker in Somerville. After treatment with Dr. Bortniker, I have not coughed a day since. If there is such a person as a Miracle Worker, Dr. Bortniker deserves the title. I would recommend him without hesitation.
– E Smith

Over the course of the 12 years that I searched for relief 6 different excellent and skilled doctors had tested, diagnosed & treated me for “asthma” which it certainly appeared to be. I, and all those who were around me, suffered hearing my loud, hard and incessant cough – it was very debilitating and was a serious problem for me and to anyone nearby. Neighbors several acres away could hear my all-night coughing sessions. The only comparison I can make is imagine spending several hours a day for 12 years coughing as you do if you inhale water while swimming ~ but louder and harder. After many, many courses of steroids ‘for asthma’ my joints were damaged and I was in frequent pain. At the end of that 12 year time period I went to Dr Bortniker for a long-forgotten reason, and had mentioned the incessant harsh cough. Very quickly into the exam he told me the cough was likely caused by gastric reflux which I knew I had but thought was controlled by once daily Nexium. He said he was going to put me on a 2nd Nexium / day for just a few days. After 3 days I never again had that exceptional cough. I’m not sure it would be too dramatic or a stretch to say he may have saved my life. With tremendous gratitude ~
– Stephanie Latch

Ear Cleaning

Dr. Bortniker saw me in his office as an emergency because my ears were blocked and hurting. Using his ear instruments, he removed the wax without any problem. He told me what to do to try to avoid this happening again! I really appreciate his good care and patience. He was also very nice and friendly

– Joshua Vorensky

I am very happy that my friend referred me to this doctor… Dr Bortniker really knows what he’s doing and he is very professional, pretty tough but nice as well. He removed the foreign object from my ear like a pro… The rest of the stuff is very nice and the audiologist who did my hearing tests is a sweetheart… thank you very much for your help and I will definitely recommend this office to everyone who need ENT help…👍😁
– Meg W

Doctor Bortniker is such an easy going guy, and wants what is best for his patients… i am a music producer so taking care of my ears is crucial, his team is so amazing. I had my ear plugs custom molded quick and easy by one of his colleagues…. She was a sweetheart as well, and was so gentle and explained everything that needed to be explained… the front desk girls are always so sweet to talk to as well. Making and changing appointments comes easy, they dont make you feel bad when you call last moment because we all know life happens… great great great office

I came to Dr. Bortniker with a hearing loss issue. Not only is he extremely professional and well mannered, but now my hearing is 100% again. I highly recommend him.
– Janetta Buckmire

I stopped in this office on a very short notice to have a foreign object (A headphone earbud was inadvertently lodged very deep in my ear canal) and Dr. Bortniker helped me with this unique situation immediately. It is important to note the compassion this Doctor has in the interest of helping a person in need. If I went to an urgent care or an emergency room I would be waiting for several hours. If you seek a specialist who cares about your individual needs, it is in your interest to see Dr. David Bortniker
– Michael Pennella

He is great. Very knowledgeable and personable. He was able to diagnose my issue promptly and my symptoms resolved within days. He also educates his patients in lay terms during the visit so you understand exactly what is going on. I have already recommended him and I would recommend him again!! Not to forget the staff – they are great too!
– Ellisa Lee


Dr. Bortnicker diagnosed my condition in 20 minutes that no other doctor was able to do in 20 years. I can breathe without pain and no longer will need unnecessary antibiotics. Thank you Dr. Brortniker.
– Joseph Kwiatkowski

Dr. Bortniker quickly zeroed-in on the issue with my deviated septum. The corresponding procedure he performed and follow-up have greatly improved my breathing. He is knowledgeable and professional, and answered all my relative questions. I would highly recommend him for anyone needing ENT services.

– Jeff Previte

Dr. Bortniker zeroed-in on my deviated septum after years of suffering with sinus pain, pressure, headaches, brain fog as well as congestion. My initial appointment was at the time that these symptoms were challenging my daily functioning at a frequency of 5 x per week. He suggested treating my symptoms similarly to migraines using Nortriptyline. Within 1 week I regained my daily functioning, alleviating my daily suffering. Dr. B is knowledgeable and explains conditions well.
– Nancy Anne Yorlano

I suffered for decades from a deviated septum not being able to breathe or sleep well and snoring but always put off having surgery. I’d heard many nightmarish stories from others stay had constant runny nose and 2 solid weeks of pain after getting the surgery done and thought, not for me. After a visit with Dr. Bortniker, had a totally new perspective about the surgery and I’m thrilled that i went through with it! The surgery was done on a Friday and by the following Monday, I was able to breathe freely again! I experienced little to no pain and the entire procedure exceeded my expectations. Dr Bortniker and his Team are amazing, you’re treated extremely well, they’re friendly and courteous. I definitely would recommend Dr. Bortniker to anyone needing an Otolaryngologist!

– Paul Hendricks

Ive been in pharma for over 30 years and have met many MD’s including ENT’s. Dr Bortniker is one of the best. I suffered for a year with sinus infections after moving to NJ. On a recommendation, I went to Dr Bortniker. He said I have a severely deviated septum. I heard horror stories on the procedure but the infections were too much so I bit the bullet. I do have to say I was surprised. Other than being uncomfortable for a few days with the packing I had no issues. I still see him on occasion for ear issues and I’ve recommended him to many and will continue…. A++++

– Steven Price

Availability and Care

I called at the last minute and I was able to get an appointment the following day. The staff were professional and I was taken on time. Dr. Bortniker was very personable and knowledgeable.
– steve murin

My family and I have gone to Dr. Bortniker for years and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is warm, patient, thorough, and, most importantly of course, excellent at what he does. Most recently, when my 91-year-old mom had to be seen quickly, he was clear and compassionate and solved her issue quickly. The icing on the cake is that his staff is polite and helpful, a sure sign of a well-run practice. Thank you, Dr. Bortniker!

– Deborah Hercky

I have been to Dr. Bortniker many times. Rarely have I met a physician with as much skill, knowledge, attention, and caring as I have with him. He is, bar none, the best diagnostician I have ever experienced. He explains everything in detail and makes sure I understand it all. He diagnosed a very unusual , frightening problem I was having in minutes, and guided me through proper management. His staff is very kind and caring. In these unusual times, most importantly, he and his staff are extremely careful and compliant with all safety measures regarding Covid 19. I felt very safe being there. I recommend him very highly and without reservation.

– Susan and Robert Grosberg

How many times do you go to the doctor and find that you wait, and wait, and wait? I rarely wait more than 5 minutes at this office. Dr Bortniker is a type A personality, professional, and appears to care about the work he does. He takes his time in explaining things in great detail, and does not talk over your head as many docs do. He will also spend time to explain these things to your family if they attend the visit. I rarely do these kinds of reviews, but find Dr. Bortniker to be a breath of fresh air. His support team / office is also very friendly and helpful. They all deserve nothing less than 5-stars. Thanks for the great work you do!!

– Scott Ducey

Dr. Bortniker is very helpful and provides excellent care. In follow-up appointments, he goes through everything thoroughly and addresses any concerns I have. He explains information and gives a different perspective than many other doctors I have gone to. I highly recommend him!

– Joleen Donnelly

This is a highly qualified and skilled dr. I went to my internal medicine dr and another ENT doctor and they kept prescribing antibiotics but I was incorrectly diagnosed. Then I met Dr. Bortniker and I am glad I did. He is very intelligent and was able to correctly diagnose my issues where other doctors have failed. I highly recommend Dr. Bortniker for all your ENT issues. He will take care of you and prescribe the correct medication. Life is so much easier when you get the right diagnosis and treatment. Thank you to Dr Bortniker and his professional team.

– Angel G

Dr. Bortniker is great! Very professional, explains everything to the patient and great bedside manner! In addition, very efficient and competent. Especially considering the covid situation, I really appreciate the safe office.
– Bruce Bukiet

Dr. Bortniker’s office is always efficient and on time and he is an amazing doctor! He was able to help me with a rare condition that other doctors missed. And he explained everything to me very clearly. I am not a person to write reviews but I really appreciate the professionalism and experience of this doctor.
– Nicolle M. Anthony

Excellent service. Great support staff. Efficient operation, no long waiting time all. Good follow up/response when patient calls in with questions post their visit.
– Rupert Samuels

Dr. Bortniker is an excellent physician. I have been a patient of his for many years for numerous conditions. He is competent as well as friendly. His staff is also very nice and helpful. I highly recommend this practice.

– Christine Carver

Dr. Bortniker is the BEST!

I truly believe he saved our sons life when we took him to the emergency room the night before he was to return to college. He had severe throat pain. After a few questions and simple tests, WITHOUT SEEING HIM IN THE ER, he admitted him. His throat was closing with a severe infection, tonsillitis, and a lump in his throat. Dr. Bortniker treated him in hospital for 5 days and he was back to college playing football.

If not admitted he would have stopped breathing had he gone back to college !!! Thank you Dr. Bortniker!

He also diagnosed and treated me with several issues other doctors wrote off as nothing (or couldn’t figure out with my underlying conditions) but symptoms persisted. He evaluated, diagnosed and gave me a prescription and within DAYS I was feeling much better! Again, thank you Dr. Bortniker!
– Donna L. Montecalvo

Sinus surgery

2018 – I suffered from polyps and a deviated septum severely affecting my breathing and sleep to say the least. Surgical intervention was the way to go and although not the most pleasant recovery, when following dr’s orders it went better than anticipated. A couple years later i began suffering again from nasal discomfort and trouble breathing. I can’t lie, I avoided seeing Dr Bortniker because I worried another surgery would be the only solution. NOT the case at all and boy did I wish I hadn’t procrastinated. His staff fit me in the same day I called with complaints and Dr B prescribed a nasal wash that worked almost instantly. One month after use, I feel 100% better and per Dr’s orders I only need to use the wash when I start feeling discomfort, but it will do that job and doesn’t require another surgery. Couldn’t be happier with the results, Dr’s orders and of course the lovely staff at the office. Lastly, during covid, I felt safe visiting the office, minimal waiting time in an almost empty waiting room was ideal.

– Jessy Dhawan

Have been going to Dr. Bortniker well over 15 years now, and has been great during every visit. Totally trust him for any procedure or recommendation he has. Would not breathe as well as I do through my nose without him!
– Scott Ellentuch

Since I have sleep apnea, was troubled with being able to breathe, even with CPAP, at night when one nostril or another would be inflamed and blocked. Dr. Bortniker found I had a deviated septum and a large polyp that would block air exiting one nostril. Suggested surgery, and I’m happy to say that my breathing is much, much better. Scariest thing wasn’t the operation but having the nasal wadding removed a few days after the operation. But only took a few minutes to remove. Will mention, that I had to eat geriatric food for a couple days after the operation, as it is very difficult to breathe through your mouth and eat at the same time. Seriously, that was the roughest part of having the operation. Very happy with the results.
– John Van Dyke

Dr. Bortniker is a fantastic ENT M.D. He did septum surgery and opened all my son’s sinuses, as only 1 was open. He is also going to have another surgery with Dr. Bortniker’s partner, that will keep the sides of his nostrils open. He was able to stop taking allergy meds and shots.

I just had the Clarifix procedure, which cleared the goo out of the back of my throat, and prevents migraines due to no pressure in my head. I am very glad I did the Clarifix! No more rhinitis!

-Nancy Marker

Dr. Bortniker is very friendly and accurately diagnosed my sinus pain issue. Health care doesn’t get any better than this.
– Ed Renz

I have been seeing Dr Bortnicker for about 10 years and could not be happier with his diagnoses and straight forward approach . I had a balloon procedure about 4 years ago and so far so good as my sinus infections are much less than before the procedure. I recommend Dr Bortnicker for any E N T issues you may have
– Greg Williams

Dr. Bortniker is fantastic. Such a nice, pleasant, thorough doctor. Rare to find these days. Remembers you even if it’s been a year between visits. I had sinus surgery. Wasn’t the least bit painful. The packing in between the surgery and the next visit four days later was uncomfortable. Felt like a bad head cold. The results are phenomenal. I can’t thank him enough. The current state of corona has the office on high alert. Extremely thorough with electrostaticly disinfecting. Gloves, masks, sanitizing procedures are all on point.
– Dave Werensly

After dealing with what I thought was a nagging sinus infection (and of course thinking that it will go away on its own) I finally went to see Dr. Bortniker. Dr. Bortniker is very professional, he is straight to the point, and will tell you like it is. He told me that I have a very bad sinus problem that will never be cured but can be made better. He told me that I needed surgery on my sinus and will require maintenance on them for ever as well. The surgery went well and after a few short days of discomfort I can now breathe through my nose again after a full year of blockage. If you have any problems with your sinus I would recommend you go see Dr. Bortniker.
– Timothy Weniger, Sr.


Made an appointment for my ear as I was experiencing pressure and dizziness. I thought for sure I had an ear infection, however I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines. It never occurred to me that the motion sickness I had as a child and adult was a symptom of this type of migraine. After seeing Dr. Bortniker I am feeling better and have made changes in my diet and increased my self care.
– Jennifer Rodriguez

Dr. Bortniker is the best. Recently I suffered from vertigo. I had nine episodes which totally debilitated me. I was told it was an inner ear infection and given medicine. I was not getting any better so I went to a different doctor. Same story. After seeing four different ENTs a friend recommended Dr. Bortniker. He listened to my symptoms and diagnosed me within minutes. It was Ménière’s disease. He immediately put me on a medication and did some tests. Two years later I have not had any episodes of vertigo. I can’t thank Dr. Bortniker enough for helping me. He is the BEST!!!
– Joan Bukarica

I visited Dr. Borniker for a standard sinus infection, he diagnosed me right away, prescribed me an antibiotic. I had a miscommunication with my bill and it ended up in collections. The doctor called me personally to rectify the issue. I am blown away by his kindness and immediate attention to my situation. The bed side manor and professionalism is unmatched.

– Colleen Walsh

Sinus Headache

I had been suffering for over a year and half with severe head and jaw pain. After seeing numerous doctors, I decided to try an ENT. Dr. Bortniker diagnosed my problem in the first five minutes, and prescribed a medication that he said might take a couple of weeks to be effective. I felt relief the next morning! Not only did he diagnose and solve my problem, but I truly felt that he cared about my pain and situation. His staff is friendly and if your appointment is at 3:15 he sees you at 3:15! I was thrilled with everything about his practice and wish I could come here for all my ailments. HIGHLY recommended!!
– Joanne Ozeransky

I had chronic sinus infections. I was told I needed sinus surgery and Dr. Bortniker told me that I would get maybe 3 years relief. That was about 18 years ago. While I still get sinus headaches, they are not anywhere near as severe as they once were.
– Valerie Arico

He is a very good Dr. He wants to help you and get you better. He is one of a few drs that actually care. He is very knowledgeable!!! I am very grateful to have him as my dr! The staff is also very wonderful! Thank you for all that you do!!!!
– N Martinez

Finally, an ENT that can diagnose quickly and thinks outside the box Wonderful doctor. Highly recommend!!
– rachel laritz

Dr. Bortniker zeroed-in on my deviated septum after years of suffering with sinus pain, pressure, headaches, brain fog as well as congestion. My initial appointment was at the time that these symptoms were challenging my daily functioning at a frequency of 5 x per week. He suggested treating my symptoms similarly to migraines using Nortriptyline. Within 1 week I regained my daily functioning, alleviating my daily suffering. Dr. B is knowledgeable and explains conditions well.
– Nancy Anne Yorlano

I am a longtime patient of Dr. Bortniker’s. I had my first procedure performed many years ago which dramatically improved my breathing and eliminated by migraines. Over the past few years, I have consistently had 3+ sinus infections per cold season which were so severe, I was bedridden with multiple rounds of antibiotics on occasion. I didn’t realize how much more work there was to be done until I visited Dr. Bortniker last summer and underwent multiple procedures on my nose/sinuses in October. I can honestly state that I’ve never realized what it means to breathe normal until the age of 41 …and I’m happy to report I did not have 1 sinus infection, this past cold season, which caused me to miss work for the first time in years!
– Frank DeRosa

I’ve been in and out of urgent care centers and seen different specialists throughout my life due to constantly getting sick and having other medical issues. Dr. Bortniker is the first doctor I’ve seen who was able to quickly assess and confirm my diagnosis, as well as explain in full detail for me to understand what is going on. I’ve suffered from constant, painful sinus infections over the years (as well as chronic migraines which he also treated, and I haven’t had one since!!). I underwent sinus surgery, done by Dr. Bortnicker, not only can I breathe better but it was such a quick and perfect recovery! Also, any time I leave a message with his wonderful office staff, he gets back quickly! I’ve had to wait days sometimes before hearing from other doctors or I would just get a call back from a nurse. You can really tell Dr. Bortniker is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field and loves what he does. I definitely, 100% recommend going to Dr. Bortnicker! You won’t regret it : )
– Keri M.

Hearing Loss

After receiving my hearing aids, my audiologist tuned them for me and gave me instructions on how to use, adjust, and clean them. After a few days of wearing the aids, I noticed that I could hear very well, but I was not processing and understanding simple conversation very well. All the years of ignoring my hearing problem had a serious effect on thinking and manipulating information. In this case, healing is the responsibility of the patient. I’m just starting to improve my thought processes and memory, now that I listen, and not just hear.

– Vic Capolunghi


A few months ago I developed tinnitus (loud ringing in the ears). I went to Dr. Bortniker and, after some testing, he put me on a medical therapy plan and the results were quick and wonderful. Most days the ringing is not present or so soft I barely notice it. I am very satisfied with the care I received.
– Michael Rudnick

Post nasal drip

I went to Drs. Bortniker and Druce for allergies, constant runny nose, and frequent sinus infections. Both provided a great treatment regimen over the course of a year. In late 2018, a brand new treatment became available – ClariFix, an in office prescription only cryotherapy procedure for the nasal passage. It is now 3-4 weeks after the treatment, and all I can say is WOW, what a difference. No more constant runny nose, it is easier to breathe, am getting better sleep, and have less allergy symptoms. My best to Dr. Bortniker (and to Dr. Druce) and the ClariFix treatment that was recommended…Both are experts in their field and are Very Highly recommended!!!
– Robert Kreysig

Jennie C.
Submitted 10/30/21
Dr. Druce was friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough.

Dave W.
Submitted 09/20/21
Dr. Bortniker is fantastic. Such a nice, pleasant, thorough doctor. Rare to find these days. Remembers you even if it’s been a year between visits. I had sinus surgery. Wasn’t the least bit painful. The packing in between the surgery and the next visit four days later was uncomfortable. Felt like a bad head cold. The results are phenomenal. I can’t thank him enough. The current state of corona has the office on high alert. Extremely thorough with electrostaticly disinfecting. Gloves, masks, sanitizing procedures are all on point.

Robert G.
Submitted 11/01/20
Dr. Bortniker is a fantastic ENT. He is thorough and explains everything. He is extremely careful and protective of his patients. He always follows-up to make sure everything is OK. Dr. Bortniker thinks outside the box and comes up with ideas and treatments that other ENT’s do not suggest. He is pleasant and friendly. I am fortunate to have him as my ENT.

Carla M.
Submitted 08/26/20
Pleasant, efficient, professional, good bedside manner