Our  Ear, Nose and Throat  practice In Somerville New Jersey has been open throughout the Covid pandemic without complications or need for quarantine. We have helped many patients  avoid traveling to the emergency room for emergency care throughout the pandemic

We have been masking and social distancing and  asking every patient and staff member about their health, travel  and checking their temperatures  .

HOWEVER, we have also  been sterilizing the rooms as necessary with electrolyzed water. This water is safe and has been used in poultry factories, hospitals, food service areas for many years to eliminate any bacteria and viruses in the air. It has been approved by the United States department of agriculture, and the FDA. We safely make the water in our office by using distilled water, kosher salt, and vinegar. This allows us to make hypochlorous acid which is safe to drink and use. However it completely disrupts bacteria and viruses and makes them non-viable
When patients must pull down their masks for a brief comprehensive examination of their noses and throats, they and the  room are sprayed with safe electrolyzed water which will eliminate any pathogens in the air and also give them a fine, refreshing mist as well!

Patients are surprised when we asked them to remove their mask but if we have to examine the nose and throat we clearly need to see everything. When your mask is removed we ask you not to talk and  as soon as the exam is completed the patients put their mask back on and we spray them and the room. The doctors are constantly  wearing N95s which provide extra protection to our patients

These procedures have kept all of us safe during the pandemic.

We have been providing telehealth. However, in our ear nose and throat specialty,  many patients require a direct examination to make a diagnosis as well as to treat severe or persistent ear,nose and throat complaints. We believe this is an extra level of precaution to make our care comprehensive and safer.

We have offices in Somerville New Jersey and Warren New Jersey and service all of  Somerset County including Somerville, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, and Warren New Jersey. We provide comprehensive your nose and throat care for children and adults. Full audiology and hearing aid services are available in our office at all times

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