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Here are some exciting new developments in our in-office services


Painless Allergy Testing:


Dr. Druce is using the latest technology for skin testing. He recently transitioned to a new gentle applicator device Allergy Testwhich has been proven more sensitive and specific than devices available to date. Most patients can be tested with minimal discomfort at one session. Allergy testing provides a comprehensive approach to chronic nasal and sinus conditions.

Dr. Druce was interviewed about Painless Allergy Testing and other testing options on Mother Nature Network.

Read of a summary of the interview: Dr. Howard Druce explains painless allergy testing.

Read the full article on Mother Nature Network: What is the best allergy testing method?


Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) Tablet Therapy for Grass and Ragweed


You have probably heard about new immunotherapy tablets which have recent been approved by FDA sinus-1for patients with grass and ragweed immunotherapy. These tablets are being promoted as an alternative to conventional (subcutaneous) immunotherapy. The first dose is given in the doctor’s office 12 weeks before the season and subsequent doses are taken at home. Dr. Druce has been actively involved with issues relating to approval of this novel therapy as a member and former chair of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and immunology (AAAAI) Committee on Rhinitis, Rhino-sinusitis and Ocular Diseases for several years.

To determine if SLIT Therapy is a suitable choice, Dr. Druce is pleased to perform a thorough allergy evaluation.

This includes:

  • Appropriate skin testing based on the patient’s history. Patients must be positive to one of the grass or ragweed extracts contained in the tablets. Dr. Druce developed his panel of aeroallergen tests to reflect local exposure in Central New Jersey and common vacation exposures in conjunction with nationally-respected botanists. He does not use needles – the testing panels are almost painless. Testing is necessary before prescribing SLIT.
  • If patients are candidates for SLIT, he discusses advantages of different treatment regimens (pre-seasonal or continuous), potential adverse reactions and insurance issues.
  • If patients are not candidates for SLIT, he can offer subcutaneous immunotherapy, or other forms of treatment if allergy tests are negative.
  • He will advise patients on the most appropriate choice of therapy based on their symptoms, test results, lifestyle and insurance coverage. Dr. Druce does not “push” immunotherapy; He advises patients on the most effective combination of treatment choices for them or their children.
  • He will instruct patients on choice of an appropriate epinephrine self-injector device which is required to be available if this therapy is selected. He will instruct them how to use the selected device and why a Twin Pack is necessary.
  • Patients return to their primary care practice for on-going care.


In-Office Balloon Sinus Surgery:


In recent years there has been a trend toward minimally invasive surgical techniques. In 2006, balloon sinuplasty was developed to help open up the sinus passages (in a similar manner to how balloon angioplasty is used to open up blocked arteries in the heart). This innovative alternative to traditional endoscopic surgery offers significant advantages to patients: no general anesthesia, virtually painless, cost effective, rapid improvement without nasal packing, and no hospital fees. As one of the first ENT practices in our region to offer this FDA-approved innovative procedure, we have performed numerous cases in our offices with high patient satisfaction.


Watch a short video on Balloon Sinuplasty:

Balloon Sinuplasty



Frequently Asked Questions about Balloon Sinus Dilation


What is in office balloon sinus dilation?span>


Balloon sinus dilation is a minimally invasive treatment for chronic or recurrent sinusitis. In a balloon sinus dilation procedure, your physician uses a small balloon to dilate or expand the sinus opening and drainage pathways to restore sinus drainage.

Balloon sinus dilation can be performed in an office, under local anesthesia.


How does balloon sinus dilation work to treat chronic or recurrent sinusitis?


In chronic and recurrent sinusitis, blocked sinus drainage pathways can prevent effective drainage and healing. When first line medication therapies fail to resolve symptoms and inflammation, or patients experience multiple bouts of sinusitis, balloon sinus dilation may be an appropriate treatment option.

The goal of balloon sinus dilation is to expand the sinus openings and drainage pathways in order to aid drainage and promote healing. After locating the treatment area and applying local anesthesia, Dr. Bortniker will place the small balloon, inflate the balloon to dilate the treatment area, and then deflate and remove the balloon.


How long does the balloon sinus dilation procedure take?


Procedure length is dependent on your specific condition and anatomy. You should expect to spend around one hour at the office, to allow time for pretreatment preparation and post treatment examination. Consult Dr. Bortniker to better understand the details of your procedure.


What are the benefits of an in office balloon sinus dilation procedure?


Office based procedures performed under local anesthesia allow you to avoid the negative effects, costs or risks associated with general anesthesia.


Will the procedure require any anesthesia?


Balloon sinus dilation can be performed under local anesthesia, in an office.


How quickly after treatment can I return to normal activities?


Many patients can resume normal activities immediately. Your doctor may recommend you refrain from very strenuous activities (such as heavy lifting) for several days after the treatment.


Are there any potential risks and complications associated with balloon sinus dilation?


As with any medical intervention, potential risks and complications exist with balloon sinus dilation. All patients should consult their doctors to determine if their conditions present any special risks. Dr. Bortniker will review potential complications of balloon sinus dilation at consultation.


Is balloon sinus dilation suitable for everyone?


Only your physician can tell you if balloon sinus dilation is a viable option to treat your sinusitis. Experience has shown that many patients with recurring or persistent sinusitis can be treated with balloon sinus dilation.


Discuss Balloon Sinus Dilation with Dr. Bortniker today!


Dr. Bortniker is trained and experienced in balloon sinus dilation technologies. Make an appointment with him today to determine if balloon sinus dilation is right for you.

To learn more about sinusitis treatment options and balloon sinus dilation, visit www.SinusSurgeryOptions.com.


Audiology and Balance Testing:


Our audiologists have doctorate degrees and have been selected to train graduate audiology students. Here in our office we provide adult and pediatric hearing tests, ABR, ENG and hearing aid fittings. We customize and dispense the latest digital hearing aids, FM systems and Bluetooth solutions based on each individual’s needs.


Thyroidectomy and Parotidectomy:


We have been doing these procedures for many years. As the incidence of head and neck cancers has also been increasing, we have added reconstructive procedures for our head and neck cancer patients.