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My name is NC and I’m a 19 year old from New Jersey.

My experience with Dr. Bortniker on my septoplasty surgery was most definitely a positive one.

My symptoms started with facial headaches and difficulty breathing through the left side of my nose.

My mother suggested making an appointment with Dr. Bortniker because that’s where she had gone.

After the first visit I was told I had a deviated septum, just like my mother.

This was the reason I had headaches and troubled breathing.

After trying numerous nose sprays and over-the-counter drugs, my symptoms persisted.

 I returned to Dr. Bortniker and he explained the option of fixing my deviated septum.

 I was a little nervous at first, but he explained the surgery in full and assured it was the right idea.

 I talked to my mother and she agreed with the surgery; she had also gotten the same surgery 10 years ago and said it was “the best thing she’d ever done.”


 Just about a month later, I found myself signing into the surgery center. Dr. Bortniker visited me before I went into the operating room and made sure I was feeling comfortable. About ten minutes later they rolled me in and I was sleeping before I knew it. He had told me in the pre-op visit a week before that when I woke up there would be packing in my nose and possibly a few drops of blood. When I awoke I felt very little pain, couldn’t even feel the packing in my nose, and had just a few drops of blood here and there. As long as I kept it moist with saline spray, I had no trouble. I took the medications prescribed and I was also glad to see I didn’t have black and blue circles under my eyes. Five days later I had a post-operative visit with Dr. Bortniker and he took out the packing in my nose. He looked around and said I was healing wonderfully, and to continue with the nose spray and I should heal completely with no problems.


It has now been almost a month since my surgery and I can breathe perfectly through my nose. The facial headaches around my eyes and in my nose are completely gone and I am perfectly happy with the surgery. Thank you Dr. Bortniker, I appreciate your hospitality and am grateful for your practice.